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[27 Mar 2008|01:05am]
every day is another day.
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trying new things [26 Feb 2008|12:26am]
so my band leaves for a 10 day in less then 2 weeks, and i'm so worried about it. i'm very happy i dont have a girlfriend right now cause i'd probably be dealing with pretour bull shit and all that. i have a girl i like alot but we're not a thing. it's a bunch of like but we're not planning on jumping in to anything i hope that works out. but if this tour goes as well as we hope we'll be doing a 44 day tour starting in may. and hopefully touring with My Aim is True. listen to them if your bored they are tight.

i think this is all.

~Rumble Bee
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good day [25 Jan 2008|05:25pm]
watching a bootleg copy of juno.
then going and seeing aaron from the almost play at a church.
then the best saturday in a long time.
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tired [02 Dec 2007|02:18pm]
gahhh i'm so tired!
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these hands they type with no regard at all [12 Nov 2007|10:22am]
so my job rocks ass i made nearly 100$ last night before tip out so i left with about 85$ which is raw. and bowling was sick we all went for G's birthday everyone was there. and later on kara, ashly and their friends met up its was like 4-5 lanes of people i love to hang out with. mucho good times. later today me phil kara and ashly are getting lunch cause we're like super adults or what not. then i dont know i got practice at 3ish. and i work tomorrow night so hopefully i make some cash i'll prob make like 40$ pending on what games are on. ooh yeah i need to check that...... nothing good red wing vs blues and jaguars and threshers so nothing to pull people in. lucky it's wing night. but hopefully i'll make 40$ kind of a high goal but if you beleive you can acheive and be named steve and wear a weave and what ever else ends in EVE.
but like kanye says "welcome to the good life!"
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i dont write in fear of what'll come out [09 Nov 2007|11:38am]
[ mood | chipper ]

my hair has grown so long lately it's kinda awesome. it's like the new calm in my life is pushing all the negative out and freeing its self. i'm so less stressed lately i'm just leaving the world in God's hands and it's working out so well. i havent raised my voice in so long other then to to do vocals for my band. it's rather peaceful. i really want to go get a coffee. sorry if i'm random but i wanted to throw down all of my thoughts. the only worry in my life right now is if i should trade my tele for adams SG. i wanna but james from jet set says it wouldnt sound right for our music. i'm gonna try it out and see what happens. man i really want a pumpkin spice latte. or maybe some asian food. or both. but yeah so lately i've been seeing alot more of my twin on a count of the fact that we work together and i give him a ride to work everyday. he's such a weirdo. but yeah new things in my life. i do vocals in a metal band right now called This Dying Age and we have a few shows next month and you should be there. it's really good stuff go add us on myspace just search us cause i'm to lazy to get the link right now and only like 2 people will read this anyway. but theres a few songs on there and bills is in it too. also i've been in the burg alot lately and have made some awesome new friends. oh yeah i work at the new buffalo wild wings in clearwater so thats cool. go there and see me. also me and the bassist gabe of jet set are playing a show at the garage tonight so come out then go to pulp the party with me and phil and our friends. it's super fun times and i always see my friend holly there. but yeah if i havent seen you in a while call me or something k?

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damn broseph i'm a busy dude [10 Oct 2007|10:55am]
i swear i'm always busy like take today it's my "day off" which includes band pracite and going to the dentist(which i'm dreading) then tomorrow i have band practice as well following a full days work. i do so much stuff that i never have time to be tired cause i know i got things to do. it's like i run on pure busy.

but either way whats everyone gonna be for halloween and whats going down on halloween someone give me something to do.
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well Shit the bed [20 Sep 2007|09:34pm]
this weekend is gonna be amazing my band is playing at neptunes on friday (tomorrow) and at the garage on saturday. i'm love for you all to come out. i'm so stoked about these shows and this music it's amazing and i'm so proud of it. so please come out. check out our myspace for all the details


mucho hearts

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[02 Jul 2007|01:48am]
Bored! Bored Bored Bored!! Bored Bored!! BOOOOOOORRRREEEDDDDDDDd
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i never post [16 Jun 2007|10:59pm]
so i havent posted in a while. how is everyone?
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cutting the stress out and the bloody mess that followed [30 Mar 2007|11:30am]
[ mood | content ]

So lately i've made the choice to leave patches in the park due to a few reasons. and now i'm working on new stuff with an amazing dude and drummer named Jon. we're working on music that has passion and drive behind and music to make people sing with joy. it's the first time i've started a band with a real goal. to make music with love behind it. never a fake word will be said or a over drawn meaning behind a life issue. with christian undertones and pure heart i think my complete being will come out in this. so pray with me cause the first few months of a band always go bumpy. it seems in the past few weeks my hands haven't left a guitar other then for work and sleep.

also, i'm very happy that i'll be leading worship for a weekend retreat in april for the youth group of my church. which for those who don't know is what i want to do for a career. being a worship leader and maybe a pastor later on. but like scott the pastor of my church, not like the robe wearing mean looking dudes.

so i'm stoked.

life is good, me and jess are doing great. and that's good.
also i need a better job like whoa if you work somewhere that the pay and job don't suck much let me know so i can get a job with you.


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Rydin' Dirty [18 Mar 2007|12:01am]
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so heres my life sence my last entry [09 Mar 2007|12:26pm]
me and jess are doing pretty damn good. I've fully given in my life to Christ and speading His word. my birthday was a few weeks or so back i turned twenty COUGHfourCOUGH. me and jess are going to disney next week. my band is playing tonight at the java junction in downtown clearwater. flyer below.

sad news my best friend, roommate and band mate adam, is leaving patches in the park to join trace of day. so we're looking for a new guitarist. i got a few in mind but who knows. if you do please pray for us.

also my grandmother in in the hospital. so keep her in your thoughts.

big deal!

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gah! [29 Dec 2006|12:05pm]
Money is thin lately, but God is helping me get thru things. everyday my trust in the lord gets stronger and worries seem less and less.

good news time!

Adam and my band is sounding great our vocalist is almost ready with lyrics for all the songs and we're trying out new bassists. all of which we know are great bassests. unlike myself. hopefully we'll be in the studio before my birthday. (which is in 19 days. wink wink)

church band is so much fun and my knoledge of chords and theory is growing. making me a better guitarist. but still a piss poor speller.

Me and jess are less then 2 weeks away from 5 months i know it's not alot but it's good.

Still no word on my bass rig selling if you know anyone looking for a bass set up , just cabs or a rad bass head pass on the word. i really need to money for a cabinet for my hot rod deluxe guitar combo.

so what i got for christmas abridged

from jess. New guitar. new shoes, an amazing edwardo from fosters shirt, richie rich on dvd, ducks and and a few other goodies

from my mom. clothes. and legos. yeah i'm 12.

from rj. phase 90.

from joi. coloring book and dominoes? ask him

from adam. a light sabor obi wan's

from phil. the forever changed shirt i didnt have and an awesome sweater/sheatshirt dealie.

from my uncle aunt and cousin. CRAP.

from jess's mom. the DC encyclopedia of heroes and villians.

from jess's family . a hello kitty strap, an someother hello kitty goodies.

from God. his son

i think thats all.

i hope you all got good stuff for christmas or the jewish thing or the kwanza dealie. or festavess.

happy new year.
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The pure joy of halloween [28 Oct 2006|12:02pm]
The last few weeks have been great. I work alot but i quit my night job so i could see my girlfriend Jess more often and cause i might start coming in earier for work at my day job. Me and jess are way happy. I'm more happy then I've been in so long.

last week i come to the concludition that i long for stress and live to do as much as i can in every minute of my life. thru my relationship with Christ I've learned that he will help.and that no matter my current stress and worries it's not gonna worry in the kingdom of heaven. Granted no matter i come across i'll be fine. i wish i knew that like 5 years ago.

My band is Going amazing it's Adam , Myself, Howie and jeff. and we really need a singer but the music is amazing we've written about 4 songs and when we get a singer it'll be amazing. if you know someone who might fit well in a copeland / appleseed cast esqe band let us know. we also need a name.

My Bestfriend's Birthday is wednesday so everyone call phil wednesday and tell him happy b-day.

ohh yeah Halloween is tuesday Hel yeah. i'm stoked who wants to go trick or treating with Adam Anny Phil Jess and myself? call me let me know.

also if you need an extra seasonaljob come to best buy apply and put me as your employee referal. and get hired. and imight get a bonus too.

happy halloween guys.

God bless
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[14 Oct 2006|02:10pm]
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Come on guys Help UNICEF out this halloween. join my team and spread the word.
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help me help you [26 Sep 2006|01:22pm]
hey all you hobos,come work with me at best buy. cause all the kids there are lame other then me and like 2 others. and if you get hired i get CASH MONEYS! so to follow the jerry mcguire theme SHOW ME THE MONEY!! and the discount is sick.

do it just go to bestbuy.com duh.
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[19 Sep 2006|12:58pm]
so life is good? i hope it is. mines rather good. i have an amazing girl what i care a whole lot about. i gottwo jobs one which i enjoy and the other i dread going to. the brand new NFG album is out today, along with the fergie album, the new clay ackin , the movie stickit and that movie where people die along with their video game. good stuff. we'll mainly new NFG is good stuff. buy it. i's 9.99 at best buy and it's got 16 tracks. ef' yeah.
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[04 Sep 2006|05:35pm]
so i did the same thing ryan did .
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Hell yeah dudes [28 Aug 2006|01:34pm]
Band Practice today!!! Hell Yeah
No work tonight!! Hell Yeah
Got gas in my Whip!! Hell Yeah
Smoking hot Girlfreind!!! Hell Yeah!!
Hit me up on the Cell. errybody. lets hang out!! Hell Yeah
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